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Stirrups EASA
VEECTOR SPYDERBELT Innovative concept of stirrups for young children who cannot access to the motorbike footrest. This item is auto-locked and without any bidding.
The EASA stirrup have to be hooked on to the motorbike seat by 2 claws with an opposite support effect* : more the child leans on the stirrup , more the item holds on the seat. It is perfect for daily utilization in « urban mode » and « long trips » : quick set up, easy utilization and compact size.

*The effort makes by the passenger on the left stirrup is transmitted to the right stirrup as support force and vis-versa.
Demonstration & Video
Claw bi-component: resistance and durability
Adjustable length
Mono block stirrups made in high resistant mesh
Passenger weight: maximum 30 kg

The device does not constitute a retention device as defined in the guidelines and regulations in the EEC and therefore cannot be regulated by EEC homologation. Does not fit all vehicles, including those where it can be in contact with moving parts such as wheels and chains.

Using this device does not excuse users from compliance with regulations, codes and texts in force in the EEC and in any country where the transportation of passengers on motorcycles is approved. The company Veector cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with these obligations by users.
Technical documentations
ETRIERS EASA - Presentation PDF