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Safety belt for passenger
VEECTOR SPYDERBELT Evolution of the original patented design of the SIT System ® (Secure Individual Transport System) :
- More confortable : adjustable belt with lumbar support
- More efficient : Double lumbar support with quick lock buckle. Adjusment of support strap is independant : passanger and pilot. « X » system of straps for high resistance and optimal support.
- Quality non-slip seat : bi-component neoprene with special surface for pilot.

PAN-BELT.2 secures children and light passengers on motorcycles. Ideal for use in "urban" mode: Quick implementation and minimal size both in use and storage. It virtually eliminates the daily difficulties encountered when carrying passengers on motorcycles:
• Restrains the passenger riding pillion close behind you
• Eliminates the risk of the passenger riding pillion falling by themselves during acceleration and when riding over bumpy road surfaces
• Diminishes the impact of passenger weight when negotiating bends

In accordance with the recommendations regarding the retention devices on motorbikes, these devices inactivate naturally should the rider fall from his or her machine.

SIT System ®: The device consists of a harness type means of retention connected to a system for maintaining the passenger on the pillion seat. The retention device is a “leaf” made of a non-slip material and positioned without fixation on the rider’s part of the saddle. It is the weight of the driver that maintains the leaf in position. So sandwiched the leaf is immobilized. It provides sufficient anchorage, according to the weight difference between the rider and his or her passenger, on which the maintenance in position of the pillion passenger depends.
Demonstration & Video
Size: Adjustable from 60cms to 110 cms
Colour : Black / Grey
Quick-lock buckle: Poly-Acetate

Bi-component Neoprene®
Double adjustement system for support straps for pilot
Sangle de maintien ajustable par Velcro® par le pilote
Ergonomic shape of the leaf with 3 pressure points on the seat:
• Direct seat
• Lower back (depending of the shape of the seat)
• Between the thighs according to riding position (e.g. Bumpy road surfaces)

The device does not constitute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) nor does it constitute a retention device as defined in the guidelines and regulations in the EEC.

Using this device does not excuse users from compliance with regulations, codes and texts in force in the EEC and in any country where the transportation of passengers on motorcycles is approved. The company Veector cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with these obligations by users.
Technical documentations
PAN-BELT 2 - Presentation PDF 1
PAN-BELT 2 - Presentation PDF 2
SIT System presentation PDF