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company history

Our company was established in 2008 to commercialize our patented concept for the safety of passengers, especially children riding pillion on motorcycles and scooters. At the origin of this concept its inventor-founder of the brand conceived and developed a simple and efficient system to transport his own son Victor for his daily trip, riding pillion on a motorcycle. Based on common sense and simplicity, the S.I.T System® (Secure Individual Transportation System) was born. PAN-BELT and SPYDER-BELT are the first applications of it. We began distribution in France as of 2009, and we are now continuing to develop with expansion projected on an international scale. Other innovative products and versions of the SIT system are in the course of being produced on an industrial scale. They will complement our range of accessories and contribute to writing the history of our brand VEECTOR®.

our business

The aim of our company is to offer innovative and ingenious accessories for motorcycles and scooters.
Our expertise revolves around three areas:
Through our user feedback and structured technological monitoring of the market, we focus our research and development on products that meet more accurately and simply the daily expectations of users of motorcycles. Our philosophy is to design innovative solutions with an open mind on the numerous technical solutions used not only in the world of two wheels, but in any universe in which technology would provide users of our products with Security, simplicity, comfort and especially efficiency.
Our company selects its suppliers for their sustained professionalism and ability to produce the quality that we demand for our products. Thus, we work with suppliers whose Management System is certified ISO9001. This permits us to ensure that Quality control and surveillance are in place all the way along the production line. In addition, to doubly ensure our quality output, we perform incoming quality control of received manufactured products.
To provide a service to match our ambitions, we rely on local distributors equipped with a storage capacity for our products. As for the manufacturing procedures, we select distributors in each and every country not only for the extent of their network and their interest in our accessories, but especially for their reliability and ability to deliver retailers quickly in quantities that accord with their needs.

Our vision and values

VEECTOR ® is a company that wants to be known for our ability to provide ingenious, responsive and easy-to-use products. To achieve this goal we develop our expertise underpinned with the following values:
The ability to listen
Here is the source of our inspiration and the origin of our company. Ideas come to us in order to find solutions for users. We strive to remain alert and listen constantly to the needs and expectations of the market.
and open mind. Often having to turn away from existing solutions and technologies we find there are always other ways and other technologies. If not, we set out to create them.
From concept to distribution, we permit ourselves and for our suppliers, no compromise whatsoever on service and quality achievement. In the end, it is our products that reap the benefits.